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What are we hungry for?

I live in the lines of the riddle. 

I can be simply described as the reason why a stomach
rumbles at dinner time. 

I am the urge for a warm embrace, from a mother
that was never present.

I am the need for further knowledge, seeking
the answer to the Why.

I am the shadow that cast behind the strive for success.

I am infinity tied to hope.

I am life lived up to the end.

Come To experience piece of me at

 “Have/Have Not,”  Popup Art Show

Part of a Three part series 

of Popup shows leading up to a Grand Show (HUNGER)



 Come out and see what we are all about. Take the time to meet Your Neighbor.

It will be a social night where you will get to see what we are doing it and why. 

Creatives needed:

Visual Artists, Musicians, Culinary Artists, Poets, Spoken Word.

Deadline for submissions is March 18th


Connection will be our second immersive experiential art show

based on the many forms and

expressions of Hunger.

This installment on July 18th

is focused on the connections we as humans are hungry for.

Deadline for submissions is July 1st


all visual artwork must reflect the theme of connection. We are primarily looking for portraits or abstracts.

If your you feel like your piece would work but it is not an portrait or an abstract tell us why and how you believe your piece depicts connection. We are open to creative ideas.

Creatives needed:

Dancers, Visual Artists, Musicians, Culinary Artists, Written Artists, Set Designers, Actors, Tattoo Artists

Please fill out the form below AND email us
at a filled in copy
of the

Thank You!

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